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Nov 09 2004

Actual blogging? On this site? Who knew? Rememb…

Actual blogging? On this site? Who knew?

Remember that picture I had up here of the two rescue workers and the severed head? In my daily search for Maori Strip Wrestling on Google, I stumbled across this Japanese site, which is chock full o’ such pictures. Each link goes to a variety of interesting photoshop jobs, inexplicable Japanese signs, and several “how the hell did that happen?” jobs.

For more entertainment, go to Sorry Everybody and look at all the defeated apologists who hate America so much! Sure, they may look innocent enough, but the ever-vigilent US government is no doubt going to be keeping an eye on these poor, misguided people with no backbone and who would probably sell the country out if they had the chance and…ah, hell, send ’em all to France! [/Oklahoman]

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