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Feb 17 2004

A production company called Blue Moon (no, it’s no…

A production company called Blue Moon (no, it’s not what you think) got in touch with me recently about doing a spot for them, something vaguely related to the election but not too political, so yesterday after work I went down to check out their setup, which is located near Civic Blvd and Yanji Street. It was a bustling place, full of people rushing around and staring at monitors. I was introduced around and we talked about the spot. I was impressed that they view it as a collaboration rather than just telling me what to do. I saw some of their previous work and leaned that they’re the people behind some of my favorite commercials here. I look forward to seeing how they work.

After that and a scary visit to the big green DPP election headquarters on Minsheng E. Road to tell them no, I wouldn’t go up on stage at an election rally and “chat” with thousands of screaming teenagers about How Much I Adore Taiwan, I got a call from Shirzi, who was heading over to a new bar near the Liuzhangli traffic circle called Bobwundaye. I’d heard a lot of good things about this place, but it took a couple of phone calls to sort out exactly where it was. When I did find it, I also found Dean sitting at a table in the oddly-hushed bar. I got the feeling that someone had just said something awkward, but Dean said it had been like that since he arrived. Later they put on some music, and then some other friends showed up, including Maoman, V, Shirzi, Jez and a man from Texas called Uncle.

Since I had helped Shirzi out at the police station, he was buying, so I had the delecious chicken pie, soggy fish sticks, chips, and an unending supply of rum and cokes lasting until they threw us out at some time after 2am. I seem to recall learning a card game from a couple of British women called Ookie Nookie or something like that (The game was called Ookie Nookie, not the women, though I could be mistaken.) Needless to say, getting up for work this morning was a chore.

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