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Sep 08 2003

We’re shooting the second commercial for the compu…

We’re shooting the second commercial for the computer company tomorrow. It’s a rush job, and I have serious reservations about our lack of preparation in certain areas, but there’s nothing for it but to go ahead and see what happens. I suppose it’s all a learning process, and we’re on Lesson 23: Working With Unknown Actors. And by unknown I don’t mean just unknown by the entertainment industry, but unknown to everyone working on this thing. We’ve never seen most of them, much less talked to them.

Last night I went out onto the kitchen balcony to turn on the gas so I could take a shower, but sitting on the handle of the gas cannister was a huge brown spider. Suddenly it seemed rather warm for a hot shower, so I settled for a nice, refreshing, spider-free cold shower. I know from experience that those eight-legged bastards are easy to kill if you hit them, but they are also hard to catch, and I didn’t want to chase it inside. Comes from living so close to the mountains, I guess. Perhaps one day I’ll open up a cabinet to find a Formosan Black Bear eating my Cream of Wheat. That would be most awkward, especially since I don’t have enough cutlery.

I visited Maoman up at The Village yesterday and saw his new puppy, a chocolate lab named Gustav. He’s big for his age, I guess, and very well behaved. Later we saw Gangs of New York, which was ok if a bit long at three hours. I’m not a big Scorcese fan, but it was interesting in the historical context. Daniel Day-lewis was exceptional.

There were marches over the weekend for various factions. The biggest was the “Change the name of the Republic of China to just ‘Taiwan'” on Saturday, and on Sunday there was an anti-Taiwanese Independence march. All these demonstrations show is that yes, we still have pretty much the same factions we’ve had for a while now. What irks me most about these things is the large number of overseas Taiwanese who fly in from abroad to take part in these things. Whatever your opinion or stand is, I’ll respect it a lot more if you’re ready to face the consequences. It seems like every day the Taipei Times is full of letters from raving Taiwanese Independence supporters who all live in places like Akron, Paris or Tokyo. Most foreigners here seem to be pro-independence as well. Of course it’s only practical to have an easy escape route if you’re going to advocate actions which may change the course of shit in the direction of nearby fans. Just don’t expect me to take you or your opinions seriously.

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