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Dec 16 2003

Wendy wrote a nice guest entry at Sour Bob today c…

Wendy wrote a nice guest entry at Sour Bob today concerning people and their identities as bloggers. To be specific, how blogs only reflect certain aspects of a blogger’s life. You’d think from reading, say, Ernie’s blog, that his life was composed of constantly ensuing hilarity. I don’t know one way or the other, but I suspect from the time he spends on AIM that the hilarity doesn’t go on 24/7. But that’s cool. At least he has a boyfriend.

Likewise, many people tell me I come across completely differently in this account than I do in real life. Usually after hearing this I wonder who the hapless reader in question would prefer to hang with, TC or Poagao? I’ve been told that the stuff I write about, as well as the way I write about it are all just wrong WRONG WRONG! Other people who seem to enjoy the site would find spending time with the live version of me almost as boring as other people’s vacation pictures. I can’t say I really care because it is after all a weblog and can’t be taken seriously.

Yet people do. Against all reason, they inexplicably persist in wasting hours of their time fuming about something as vapid as the term “metrosexual”. They act as if something I wrote and didn’t even take the time to spell-check is a watershed event that alters their perception not only of me, but of life, the universe and everything. The only reason I’m writing this particular passage is that I don’t have anything to do right now. And, yes, I’m thinking about it to take my mind off how lunch is disagreeing with my stomach (Ow.)

In any case, this problem is self-resolving, as after the contents of this site piss off all my real-life friends, and all the people I’ve met online realize it’s all just smoke and mirrors, that Poagao doesn’t really exist, no one will be left to be offended. An elegant solution, if I do say so myself. Next on the agenda: World Domination!

Ok, ok, so I’m ranting. I blame Christmas. That, and the fact that this will be my 187th one on this planet. To be completely honest, I enjoy writing this account. I enjoy being able to say what’s on my mind, more or less, without having to conform to other people’s ideas of who I am or who I should be, or whether I’ll be taken the wrong way. Yeah, it’s intellectual cowardice in a way, but at least it’s not a total surrender; I’ve found that one of the worst things you can do is assume other people know you better than you can ever know yourself. Here endith the rant.

In other, non-rantworthy news, I helped Tall Paul and Darrell film the TADS production of Withnail & I last Saturday. I had never actually seen it, so I ended up winging most of the camerawork. At the very least they’ll get some sort of souvenier tape out of it. With three cameras, however, I should hope something a little more professional would result. The place was packed, and the actors did a great job. Most notably, Rowan Hunter as Withnail was amazing.

Still working on the extra webspace. I’ve been editing a few travel clips together for when I do add that section to my site. They will include mocking hikers on the hill out in back of my place, Harry and I exchanging witty banter as we cross the Xindian River on a rather small boat, a reckless dash to Wulai via motorcycle, being chased by model helicopters on my bicycle, my recent trip to Taichung, etc. They are all taken with my over-two-years-old Canon S300 digital camera, which means that they are composed of clips no longer than 20 seconds, and I can’t adjust the zoom or aperture when the thing is taking video. They’re also only an eensy 120×160 pixels in size. I checked out Canon’s latest offerings at Fnac (which, I’ve learned, is French for ‘phlegmy sneeze’*) the other day, and found that the S400 has almost the same lack of capabilities in this respect. In fact, the only improvement I could see was higher resolution. The 2.1 megapixels I have now are perfectly adequate for now in any case. The 20-second limit may well have something to do with the memory card size (128Mb), and it’s no big deal to work around. The movie function does sap battery power, however, so while lengths will vary, none of these things are going to be very long. You’re welcome.

It’s sunny these days, but another cold front is on its way, threatening to take us into single-digit temperatures just before Christmas. No doubt my current throat infection will be happy to hear this. Granted, I’m talking centigrade single digits, but hey, I was raised in sweltry southern climes.

*Fnac actually stands for ‘Fonds national d’art contemporain’, which Google translates as “the sound a French person makes when dismissing U.S. economic policies.” I knew it!

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