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May 09 2003

Tomorrow’s The Big Shoot, Hollywood-style filmmaki…

Tomorrow’s The Big Shoot, Hollywood-style filmmaking minus the trailers, caterers, stuntmen or any kind of budget…ok, so it’s not Hollywood-style, it’s a bunch of people with a camera, a microphone and a rented car. I still need to find a little blue truck, something I didn’t think would be this difficult seeing as they’re everywhere here. They’re called “Fortune Trucks” for some reason. I guess they must be cheap and useful. In any case, I am going to have to venture out to Zhonghe tonight after work to see if I can find a place Dean’s former roomie Eoghain heard about that rents them. I dislike Zhonghe, but this has to be done.

Just getting to work is a chore these days. They’ve closed down one of the entrances to our building on Fuxing N. Road, leaving only one, and they’ve also taken the added precaution of shutting down the elevators to most floors, so that everyone is crammed together in the stairwell for 13 flights. All of that huffing and puffing cannot be a healthy environment, masks or no. Temperatures are taken everywhere, but I’ve consistantly been shown to have the same temperature as a leg of lamb in a refrigerator every time. Useless. The only useful thing I’ve seen anyone doing is the people at the Curry House when they spray customers’ hands with alcohol-based cleaner. Masks are useful, especially when you consider the odor of some MRT passengers, but I think the real culprit in a lot of infections is dirty hands. My Sword teacher gave me a bottle of Lysol on Wednesday night. At least I think it’s Lysol. It smells like Lysol and the Chinese name he told me sounds like Lysol. I suppose I could add some water and try to get drunk on it to make sure, but I think I’ll just take his word for it.

At least he didn’t mutter “Damn Dirty Monkey!” when he gave it to me.

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