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Feb 26 2003

Today was the 26th of February. I’ve been measuing…

Today was the 26th of February. I’ve been measuing time in February 26’s ever since the army, because that was the date I entered service, and every year I ask myself what I’ve done since I got out. It’s been seven years now, and I’m afraid I’m rather behind. Locus is dragging its feet publishing my book for some reason, first missing the book fair, then Chinese New Year, and now February 26th, which I set as a specific date for the book to be out. One of the English-language TV news shows (FTV I think) emailed today wanting to interview me, but I had to tell them I was waiting for news on the book, and even though I’ve emailed Locus, they’ve yet to reply.

I interviewed for another part-time job this morning. As it was another government-related position, they were concerned about my lack of a foreign passport. I tell you, if that happens again, I’m going to start soliciting city councilors or something similarly useless/drastic. The interview was supposed to include an editing/translation test, but all I had to do was look at a piece of Taoist philosophical writings, nod in a knowing fashion and hazard a few guesses as to its meaning. The position is technically “Foreign National Editor/translator”, but hopefully they could get around that, perhaps changing it to “Foreign-language Editor/translator” or something similarly harmless. You’d think someone with a brain would wake up one day and realize that a foreign passport doesn’t automatically guarantee fluent English. That was the only concern, however, as I have more experience and better Chinese than the person I would be replacing. I’m hoping it works out, because it looks like a cool place to work, and I could always use the extra money. I would still have weekends off and some time during the week, and they don’t require a tie.

So I’ve been waiting, waiting for news on the book, waiting for news on both of my jobs, waiting for my landlord to decide if he can fix my windows, waiting for my brain to spit out a decent script idea typed neatly in double-spaced Ariel font. I’m sick of waiting around. And I’ll bet you’re sick of reading about it as well. Well, ok. I’ve got a feeling things are coming together shortly.

Dean’s birthday party is tomorrow, and this means Indian food in what has become an annual tradition just as worldwide gift-giving has become a tradition on mine. Shirzi is also in town; we had lunch with him today. I spent this afternoon working at my almost-job, followed by a nice sword workout. The teacher is working on a new website, which will hopefully feature more content and pictures than the present one.

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