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Jan 14 2003

This is a rather unusual office I find myself in t…

This is a rather unusual office I find myself in these days. It’s only temporary, or so they say, whilst my contract is being sorted out. They keep it cold enough to keep meat fresh in here, and the lack of decorating doesn’t do anything to help. There are two other people in the room, both women. One types furiously away at her computer, while the other does nothing but read online Chinese romance novels on websites that play Jacky Cheung midi files over and over again. All the othe cubicles, less than ten, are vacant. Such is government work these days.

Y tu mam?también was engaging, if poorly projected at The Source Sunday night. I could see where it was going, of course, though it took its time to get there. It left me feeling depressed. To compensate I went out with some friends for hot pot afterwards at the McDonald’s of Hotpot, Ke-li-ya, on Roosevelt Rd. I love hot pot in any form that’s not spicy, however, and it’s even better on a cold night.

Sean Scanlon was at the viewing, and he was discussing what projects he wanted to include at this year’s Urban Nomad festival. He was debating whether a certain piece was good enough to show. I had to ask, “Sean, were you even at last year’s festival? Of course it’s good enough.” I mean, come on.

It’s noon and I’m off work now. Looks like a lunch-in-the-park day outside.

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