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May 01 2003

The weather’s been wonderful for the past few week…

The weather’s been wonderful for the past few weeks. The weather report says it should be partly cloudy well into the foreseeable future. So it makes perfect sense that today, when we were supposed to be filming out at CKS Hall, it is pissing down rain.


It’s not a big problem; as I said we can re-schedule and have in fact done so. It still pissed me off, though. I was all geared up to start shooting and now I have to wait another day. I must have been glaring at everyone on the way home because one of two women on the escalator muttered “Stop staring at me like that!” as she passed me. Granted, she was trying to go down the Up escalator, so I think I had every right to stare.

I thought that today was a holiday, but it turns out it’s for blue-collar workers only. We plaid-collar types still had to go in. I would have preferred to stay home and thus avoid the inevitable SARS-related gossip being spread non-stop around the office, but I had to do some translation on a short deadline, something there’s been a lot of lately for some reason.

Anyway, with our schedule we can screw up a few times, but unless we have a month of solid rain we should still be ok.

I’m going to go find some wood to knock on now.

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