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May 15 2003

The host of the BCC radio program must have though…

The host of the BCC radio program must have thought my incoherent ravings went over well on the show, as I’ve been invited back to be a guest on another show of his, called “The Adam Club”, which talks about manly issues such as “How to look like you know where you’re going when you’re really, really lost” next Wednesday afternoon. Fortunately the studio is right near where I live, so I thought, what the hell, sounds like it could be fun.

Mindcrime has posted the latest stills on his site devoted to Lady X stuff. The weather is not cooperating for this weekend’s shoot, so we’re going to work on other things and hope we can shoot next weekend instead. The rain is really oily, too, for some reason. On the way back from Malibu, which I was checking out as a potential shot location, I saw a guy just start sliding for no apparent reason. He fell down, slid a bit, and then got back up and started riding. Later, as I was driving down the road behind Sogo, I started sliding as well, right into the scooter in front of me. Fortunately my rear-view mirror got caught on the back of his bike, which kept me from falling, but it does make me wonder if they’ve been trying to disinfect the streets with some slippery chemicals.

As I expected, the SARS situation is getting worse. The government shows no sign whatsoever of getting a clue, still holding meetings and being generally incompetent in a way that’s alarming the rest of the world. When will they wake up and realize that blaming China and each other is not going to solve the problem at hand, which is mainly fucktards who break quarantine? Probably not until it’s too late. It’s certainly already too late for the victims so far, and the way the government and certain individuals are handling this situation is simply criminal. The whole world is asking how any one government could be so irresponsible, while the administration just holds more meetings, never bothering to come up with a single concrete decision on how to handle the crisis. The only thing stopping Taiwan from scrapping the bottom of the barrel in the “most embarrassingly inept government” category thus far has been China, but even China’s getting their act together, at least in some places according to some reports. Any way you slice it, however, Taiwan seems to going all-out to completely and irrevocably fuck up it’s international reputation. Amazing. Simply amazing.

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