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Nov 24 2003

The fellow who invented all of that ‘metrosexual’ …

The fellow who invented all of that ‘metrosexual’ nonsense has apologized. Of course, this is just more attention-mongering, but at least he’s heading in the right direction and admitting it’s a stupid term that the media’s taking way too seriously. Now we need not only an apology from the media but a promise to stop referring to it as if it means something.

Went out a lot this weekend. First I met Wayne, a fellow blogger who is living and teaching in a little town near Ilan. He had ridden his scooter to Taipei on Saturday morning, which would sound fun if it hadn’t been raining. We had some drinks at a shop along the riverfront, but he had a date with a frisbee and had to go. I was headed into town for a barbeque at the 70’s Airport Love Palace, which is always a fun thing to do. The alligator’s going through that awkward stage where it’s gotten big enough that it escapes the little pool on a routine basis, but doesn’t have enough hide to make a full pair of boots. I left early to make the train home but missed it by a matter of seconds and had to spend money on a cab. It’s over NT$300 from downtown to Xindian after hours, but thankfully due to the expressway it doesn’t take long at all. I don’t plan to make a habit of such long cab rides, though. My motorcycle is still in the shop and there’s no sign of it being ready any time soon.

Mindcrime and H.G. Janice came over to inspect my new digs yesterday, and we walked along the river looking at amusingly attired dogs afterwards. Later on I had an enjoyable meal of leftovers at my friends Darrell and Judy’s house. After stuffing ourselves with various forms of turkey and apple crumble pie, we sat down and watched “The Eminem Story” on their new DVD player. Verdict: Not too bad. Slow for the first half, shallow characterization resulted in inexplicable things happening all the time, but all in all not unenjoyable. I liked Wonder Boys and L.A. Confidential much better, though.

Dean’s involved with yet another play, along with fellow Lady X veterans Maurice, Dolly and Rowan. It’s “Withnail and I“, and will be on in December. Here’s the poster if you’re interested.

PS: Does anyone know why the simple act of populating and scrolling through file lists seems to be too much for Windows XP? Every time I do it it struggles and sometimes just crashes. Also, why does IE only let me save images as bitmaps? Ta.

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