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Apr 02 2003

The Chinese version of my book is now in bookstore…

The Chinese version of my book is now in bookstores. After lunch at the Curry House downtown today with Dean, Brian and Mindcrime, we went over to Fnac to see if they had it, and they did. I even signed one, which was a bit awkward for everyone involved. It was wierd to see the look of recognition on the clerk’s face when I told him I was the author. Eslite said they had it on order but hadn’t gotten copies yet. Some of the bookstores on Chongqing South Road had it, though, and in one place they’d already sold a couple copies just today, so I signed a few more. I’m doing an interview with FTV tomorrow morning. They’re coming over to film my room and then they want to film me at work, which doesn’t really make sense as my office is one of the most boring backgrounds you could ask for. I still don’t know what their focus is going to be. There’s also going to be a China Post article on Friday, and there’s an article in This Month in Taiwan that I haven’t seen yet. I think you can even order the book from Locus’ website, but I’m not entirely sure about that.

It was brilliant and hot, almost like a typical summer day, so I had ridden Gendoyun to lunch and then up to the Post to drop off some materials for the article. Although riding a motorcycle takes a lot more concentration, it is quicker within the city even than the MRT sometimes, and on a day like today I find it more pleasant, especially riding up and down nice tree-lined streets like Zhongshan North Road. I’ve been seeing some larger bikes here and there; tonight on my way to sword practice I saw a large Honda racing motorcycle, complete with legal yellow plates, on Fuxing North Road, the deep growl of its four-stroke engine made my RZR feel like a buzzy little trinket. The weather got cooler and windy later on, though, and by the time practice was over I was wishing I’d brought a jacket with me.

Shirzi is back in town after being stuck at the airport for over a month apparently. He’s going down to Spring Scream, which I avoid religiously every year. Well, that’s not entirely true; I just haven’t been down south in several years; I need to do that. I think I’ll pick another time to go, though. I met Shirzi and Dean at the Q Bar, where I had a meal of fried rice, hold the Typhoid.

My “new” Internet connection is horrible. Almost every page gets a dozen “Cannot be displayed” errors, and I find I am wasting a lot more time refreshing sites just to see them than I did with the previous connection. I should call them and tell them to give me the “slow” one back again, as it’s much faster. What good is 100Mbps when you can’t even call up Google?

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