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Dec 12 2003

The Asian Weblog Awards saga continues: Seems some…

The Asian Weblog Awards saga continues: Seems some of the folks at the Rice Bowl Journals got miffed that there were people allowed in the contest who were not ethnically Asian, and one even (gasp!) running it. I was thinking of joining RBJ to comment, but I can’t join as I’m not “Asian” enough. It’s no big deal, as I don’t really need to join another online community, and I’m already a part of some others, both in English and Chinese. I’ll never know about this one in particular, because even though I am a Taiwanese citizen, a member of the ROC military reserves, speak fluent Mandarin, and hold no foreign passports, I’m not “Asian” enough to join. Not that I’d fit in if I did join, as I know next to nothing about life in California and wouldn’t know what to talk about.

In other news, Chen Shui-bian has picked Annette “Brad” Lu as his runningmate again, only a matter of days after she spouted off about confining all the AIDS patients as punishment for their behavior. Sometimes I think Chen picks his agenda for the day out of a hat at the bottom of his staircase. Maybe he’ll do something stupid, or maybe he’ll do something clever. Or maybe he won’t do anything at all except smile and refer to himself in the third person a lot! I smell a reality show here somewhere.

I’ve just finished three days at my old company, the money from which will come in useful as my publisher told me today that I won’t see any royalties until March. I still have another week there, the week of Christmas of course. They’ve done the entire Xinyi district up with cheezy Xmas decorations and play stilted Christmas songs over the intercoms. It’s rather cruel, actually. I can only imagine the kind of mental damage the employees who work there all day are sustaining. With the construction of yet another Mitsukoshi Department store, the district has taken one more step closer to becoming a giant mall. Picture your average western mall, take away any element that might attract anyone with testicles, and you have the Xinyi Shopping district.

I’m just about out of space on my regular hosting plan, so I need to decide whether to upgrade my hosting plan or obtain space elsewhere. What I want to do is a page of little travel videos taken on my little Canon digital camera. Each one would be a few megabytes in size, most likely in Quicktime format. I just have to figure out what would cost the least amount of money and still work. In the meantime, it’s supposed to get down to 10 degrees Centigrade tonight, which is cold for Taiwan. Definitely staying-in-and-fiddling-with-your-website weather.

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