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Feb 27 2003

Saw the winner of the WTC design contest. Great, a…

Saw the winner of the WTC design contest. Great, a bunch of what look like pre-bombed buildings, crater included (your government-funded radicals put it together. Some assembly required).

I suppose this is meant to fool the terrorists?

Terrorist #1: “Hey, those buildings looked bombed already!”

Terrorist #2 “That’s not right.” (checks list) “No, it definitely says Thursday. Damn.”

Terrorist #1: “Well, what do we do, bomb them again?”

Terrorist #2: “Nah, let’s go get ice cream.”

Speaking of very tall buildings, Taipei 101 is getting kinda scary if you ask me. I can see it if I lean out my window. They’re just starting on the last “segment”, and then on top of that they’re going to contrust a spire/antenna that will be about two segments high. At least no-one will be able to say they’re lost in Taipei anymore, ’cause you can see that sucker from any decent-sized street.

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