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Jun 12 2003

One more shoot! I need to find someone to throw De…

One more shoot! I need to find someone to throw Dean down a short flight of stairs tomorrow night. I’d do it myself but I’m going to be busy filming it, and I don’t look the part. Any bouncers out there?

I can’t believe we still have to shoot a scene at this late date. I edited one scene from Episode 5 that needed special effects work done on it so I could give it to Dean last night. I needed a break after editing all day, so I went to sword practice for the first time in what seems like months. There were a few new people there, notably one teenage boy who was really annoying as he thought Tai-chi was supposed to be like Shaolin style martial arts, and his little brother, who went around torturing insects and jumping off things. Still, it was good to get some exercise in. After I got home I made an omcake and ate it while watching Double Vision, which is an abysmal film, depressing and pointless even if the cinematography isn’t bad. David Morse was the only other good thing about it. The movie starts off badly and gets much, much worse, and is in fact quite damning of Taiwan in general. What a waste of money.

As I was walking past the Estrogen Mall on my way to work this afternoon, it occurred to me that the reason why such places are so popular is that 99% of Taiwan is very un-feminine, or has been up to a few years ago. Malls like this are the only places where women can go walk along pure white marble interiors and look at nice things while inhaling air-conditioned, perfumed air. I’ve always thought that the behavioral gap between the sexes was wider here than in the west, but it never occurred to me before to connect this with phenomena like the Estrogen Mall. Now if we only had more men interested in mall radio shacks, we’d be improving things considerably.

It’s really muggy outside these days, instant-sweat-cover levels of humidity. I can only imagine what things were like before air conditioning…well, I can, because I went without air conditioning for several years, and your body just adjusts. The downside of that, of course, is that walking into an air-conditioned room is rather traumatic, especially the freezers people operate here.

I know I promised some sort of update after my 100,000th hit, but that has come and gone, and I’m still too busy with the movie to do anything about it. You’re just going to have to wait, but don’t worry; I’ve got plenty of new Renegade Province news stories lined up for the next issue. And the archives should work now, at least.

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