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Apr 19 2003

Oh, those silly politicians! I was reading the Chi…

Oh, those silly politicians! I was reading the China Post website today when I saw this gem: “DPP caucus secretary general Chen Chi-mai went on to charge that the Lien-Soong pair would revive the “black-gold” power and “old-man politics” as well as ending democratic reforms. Another DPP legislator Chou Chuei-chen said he hopes that the pair will stop smearing the DPP so that Taiwan’s democracy would not go backwards.”

Further down, in a story about the Ministry of Truth -I mean the GIO: ‘Claiming he would “defend press and speech freedoms to death,” Iap said it would “not be a bad thing” to scrap the GIO.’

I’m sure I could bring you equally interesting quotes from the Taipei Times, but they typically don’t have the day’s news up on their website before noon. As far as the political stuff goes; I’m disappointed but not terribly surprised the Lien Chan has decided to run again. You’d think he would have learned his lesson after the 2000 election disaster (yes, Taiwan had one of those too). Well, he learned a lesson, but apparently it wasn’t that he was a drain on his ticket, but rather that he needed Soong to draw votes. What he’s probably going to learn this time around is that this will only confuse potential voters who originally would have voted for Soong but now have reservations because Lien seems so slimy people shrink from shaking hands with him. At least that was my impression, though during the interview we did with him he never actually offered to shake hands with Lowly Cameraman TC.

I do find it amusing that the DPP is making fun of the Blue Party for “Old Man Politics” while they still pay homage to Lee Teng-hui, who ain’t exactly a spring chicken. I haven’t decided who I will vote for yet; it depends a lot on who Chen Shui-bian chooses as his runningmate. If he chooses Sisy Chen I’m going to have to abstain simply on the basis that having a “Vice President Sisy” is entirely too demeaning, especially after four years of cringing every time Annette Lu opens her mouth.

In the meantime, I talked with a friend of mine who is into filmmaking last night, and he said he could probably help me out on a number of fronts. I hope he comes through because we could really use his assistance. I’m not going to discuss specifics too much here, as I’ve been bored by other “production blogs” in the past.

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