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May 22 2003

Just got back from filming the fight scene in an a…

Just got back from filming the fight scene in an alley over on North Tihua St. Everything went very well, and the original lighting was so nice that all we needed was reflectors, provided helpfully by Da Shan and his assistant, to redirect the light from the streetlamp. The choreography worked quite well, and Shirzi was on hand to let Dean and Dolly know if they were doing anything untoward with his fight plans. Maurice operated the boom mic and helped operate various gadgets. Of course we gained a small audience of onlookers in the empty field next door, but everyone was friendly, especially the occasional scooter or pedestrian wanting to pass through the alley.

Unfortunately, it looks like rain on Sunday, when we planned to re-shoot some of the scenes from the car chase that didn’t quite work out. We might have to bump that down a week. Our next shoot is Saturday afternoon in the Zone. It’s an important scene; I hope it goes well. I’ve been feeling a bit tired lately, with a but of an irritable throat. No fever, though, so whatever it is, it’s not SARS. I took today off work though, just to rest up. After five hours of filming, though, I feel fine, even better than I did before we started. It’s nice to be able to concentrate on that and not think about anything else. Also, I’ve got a great crew, everyone there’s fun to work with.

We just got word from the Lady X executive producers that they want us to make ours a two-part episode, since a couple of people have pulled out. This shouldn’t be a problem I think; in fact, I know just where to cut it. With a little creative editing, it should work fine. I could even add a “Last week…on Lady X: Renegade Province (our tentative title until we think of something better).”

I saw Berta today for the first time in a long while. I dropped by her ritzy office near Warner Village to borrow her Walltigers CD. She’s off to the States soon to attend her brother’s graduation. Sounds nice; I could use a vacation myself. Got to get this movie done first, though.

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