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Aug 20 2003

I’ve finally gotten the househunting tip page up. …

I’ve finally gotten the househunting tip page up. Note that these are all just my opinions on the state of real estate in Taipei. Your mileage may differ.

The tropical storm Judy reported yesterday veered off at the last minute, just like all of the other typhoons this year have done. Looks like the next one will do the same. They all either veer up the Chinese coast or skip down around the Philippines. It’s like we have some sort of typhoon shield up. Now if we could just block those idiotic “George & Mary” commercials, we’d be getting somewhere.

Since I’ve finished learning the 55-move sword form, I’m concentrating not only on improving it, but getting more into Tuishou as well. My teacher says that all of the forms are just wrapping; you learn real Tai-chi with stuff like Tuishou wrestling, and I can see his point. You have an opponent and gain experience with every bout, where the forms are more just going through the motions, implementing the principles and ideas you’ve gleaned from other sources, rather than an end unto themselves. I experienced a whopper of a migraine this afternoon and was still reeling from it during practice, so I took it pretty easy.

The folks at Blogger have finally gotten around to a new problem reporting system, which seems to work, in that I got prompt replies to my questions, but bugs in the system are still preventing Blogger from implementing the archives for my Chinese-language blog. Hopefully they’ll figure it out before too long.

From the grocery store: “Oh, mom, not seafood again!” “Sorry, dear, I’m afraid it is.”

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