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Mar 28 2003

I’ve been enjoying a productive morning here at wo…

I’ve been enjoying a productive morning here at work by going through Lileks’ Motel Postcard page. Some of these pictures make me imagine what it would be like to step right back into 1953 or whenever and wander around. But then what would you do? After you’d gotten over all of the neat cars and the novelties of dress and speech and everything, what would you do? Make outrageous bets on what you vaguely remember about history? Try to be present at famous events?

Or would you just end up getting a job somewhere where you sit at a steel desk in an hot open office with no Internet thinking how depressing it is that you know exactly what is going to happen for the next 50 years?

That SARS thing is spreading, even if it’s not quite as horrible as it could have been, and it’s being under-reported thanks to the war. Quarantines in Hong Kong, alerts here and elsewhere. The people in my office were just talking about it. “The NT$50 masks are no good, only a NT$100 mask will stop infection,” one women was saying. Another spoke of a man sneezing on the subway this morning, only to be told by one of the managers, half-jokingly, to get out of the office. I suppose riding my motorcycle to work might not be a bad idea this afternoon. What’s worrying about this is the propensity of people here to come in to work even though they’re sick to “prove” their loyalty or some such crap. If I were the boss I’d fire people who came in to work sick. Of course, that’s probably one of the myriad reasons I’m not the boss.

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