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Aug 28 2003

I’ve been busy lately, not in a frantic way, neces…

I’ve been busy lately, not in a frantic way, necessarily, but in a good way, or at least a semi-constructive way. Unfortunately for my wallet, none of the second-hand shops that sell furniture or appliances take credit cards. Neither does RT Mart, I was disappointed to discover the other night while purchasing a bed frame. I spent most of last night assembling it, finding that I’d somehow, in contrast with various laws of physics, assembled it upside down, inside out, or with some part sticking into another dimension. After I finally got it together, I still couldn’t sleep in it, as I still have no mattress. Another night on the floor, which needs a good mopping.

This morning I cleaned the kitchen, which is more of a harrowing experience than it sounds as it entailed standing on a rickety chair trying to dust cobwebs out of various corners. The electric guy came by and switched the air conditioner outlet back to 220 volts. Why the previous occupant switched it to 110 volts is beyond me.

I met with Tall Paul this afternoon for lunch before work, and he said that the people we did the commercial for are pleased with it so far, and might even want us to do another, shorter project next month. Hopefully that will work out; I could use the extra cash, and it’s interesting work.

Still no word from the Hinet people, so I have no idea when they’re coming round to wire Chez Poagao. Expect sporadic updates till then in any case.

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