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Mar 30 2003

In order to avoid a no doubt germ-laden MRT journe…

In order to avoid a no doubt germ-laden MRT journey last night, I dusted off Gendoyun to ride down to meet up with Graham and other ex-News drones in the Shi-da area. The stage version of the Maltese Falcon, starring Dean, Rowan and other friends, was being put on at Peshawar, a pub I figured much too small to put on a play inside, much less an audience as well. Beforehand we had dinner at Grandma Nitti’s. I thought the food was good, while Graham felt that a dinner that consisted entirely of cheese was a bit lacking. The service was poor, everyone’s dishes coming mixed up with everyone else’s dishes, so that we had to rearrange all of our plates so that everyone had what they had ordered. Even the Oreo shakes weren’t as good as I remembered.

After we’d finished listening to Richard ameliorate Graham by explaining how one can get high on cheese based on experiences from his college days, we made our way over to Peshawar, which turned out to be packed far past its capacity. We managed to get seated on stools so close to the stage I wondered if we would at some point be asked to hand props to the actors or play small roles. The play itself took over an hour, but I didn’t mind as it was much better than I had expected it to be, with a far lower Wince Factor than I thought it would have. Dean as Joel Cairo and Rowan as the fat man were great, and the others weren’t bad either for the most part. The story was well-told, of course, though friends who hadn’t seen the movie mentioned that they had no idea what was going on at times. Although the space was too small, the lighting and scene changes were handled to great effect. Richard, who was sitting next to the speaker, jumped every time there was a sound cue.

Yesterday Chunghwa Telecom, or someone pretending to be Chunghwa Telecom, called me up and said they wanted to give me a faster Internet connection for free. Fine with me. It’s just a bit sudden, is all. I…I need time to adjust.

Still waiting for job news. I can’t imagine exactly what they’re spending so much time deliberating. Perhaps they’re reading this blog to see what kind of mess they’d be getting themselves into by hiring me. If so, the answer is: probably not a very big one. I’d risk it.

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