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Apr 28 2003

I’m so tired of hearing about SARS. My co-workers …

I’m so tired of hearing about SARS. My co-workers have talked about nothing else; people on the streets are all talking about it, the news anchors are all practically frothing at the mouth over it…I realize that it’s serious and we all need to be on guard, etc., but what exactly do they want me to do? It seems that some people won’t be satisfied until there’s full-blown panic and everyone is as hysterically miserable as they are. And that’s not going to do anyone any good.

I paid a visit to the formal National Science Museum this morning to find that it’s officially closed, but I did have a nice chat with the people next door at another museum. It’s possible we may be able to sneak a scene in there during a performance, but we’ll have to be quick. Earlier this morning I also confirmed our shoot at the Yongjing Temple after sharing tea and Buddhism Tips with the old caretaker there, and picked up some props we need. It’s going to be a bitch, but I think we might just be able to pull this off (knock on wood). I need to go get some test shots and copy our storyboards.

I know, I know; you don’t want to read a production blog, do you? Fair enough, but I’ve been doing little else lately, so it’s all there is to talk about besides yet even more “Another Idiot Spreads SARS by Taking Crowded Train Entire Length of Island” stories.

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