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Aug 19 2003

I went over to Darrell’s new digs in Jingmei this …

I went over to Darrell’s new digs in Jingmei this afternoon to do some filming. It was the first time I’d ridden my motorcycle since I rented the Hornet a few weeks ago. My bike didn’t feel so bad today; in fact it was quite pleasant if not compared to a larger, newer bike like the Hornet.

Darrell was helping me get some pick-up shots for the DVD version of Lady X (which really needs a better title…any ideas? Make it quick before I do the titles). I got some shots of Darrell’s foot tapping the bike into gear and taking off, and then we got some shots of Darrell pulling the bike away from the camera so that I can reverse the shot and make it look more like Fagan slides the bike around. Then we proceeded to get sound samples from Darrell’s FZ, since his engine sounds much nicer than mine does, and we did get some complaints from people who said the sound of my motorcycle didn’t sound “real” enough. So we’ll use sound from Darrell’s instead. I rode on the back with the camera mic pointed at the FZ’s muffler as we raced up and down the riverside roads. Darrell’s new place is really nice, right on the riverside park.

Afterwards we went inside to capture the sound samples to his computer and chatted until Judy, Darrell’s wife, got home. She reported that a tropical storm and two tropical depressions had appeared suddenly in the ocean off our coast. This would explain the dark skies and heavy rain, as well as the unusually clear and windy weather we’ve been having the past few days. Since I Had my camera with me, I decided to leave my motorcycle at Darrell’s and take the MRT home. It’s just as well; parking behind Sogo is a real bitch. It took me 20 minutes just to wrest my bike from the gaggles of scooters parked there this afternoon.

I’ve taken a few interesting pictures here and there in recent days. This one is of a vet whose upstairs neighbor has a rather unsettling name and logo. You don’t think they’re working together, do you? Nahhh….

Also a picture of some guys burning a fortune in ghost money on their doorstep. It’s too bad ghost credit cards never caught on.

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