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Apr 17 2003

I was watching this video (which is, be honest, on…

I was watching this video (which is, be honest, one of the best music videos ever), recommended to me during a chat with the BWG hisself, when I noticed it was a .fm site. .fm? Huh? Turns out it’s the country suffix of the Federated States of Micronesia while that country is still above sea-level. The website says “If you are part of the broadcasting industry and you want to take full advantage of the Internet, a .FM domain name is essential.”

.fm is essential to remain competitive? Why, because it’s only two letters and people can reach your site that much faster than they could a .com or .org address? If I could choose, I think I’d rather have something more suitable, like .doh or .huh. Or, for the ultimate in sarcastic domains, there’s always .not.

In other news, the first typhoon of the season, Ex-Super Typhoon Kujira (sounds a little too much like Godzilla for my comfort) is heading this way. This is the same typhoon Dean scoffed at when I mentioned it to him the other day. Apparently typhoons aren’t currently a part of Dean’s worldview.

Granted, it’s still a long way away, and the air’s still not hot enough to sustain it much longer, but we could be in for some much-needed rainfall if it comes anywhere near here.

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