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Jun 28 2003

I took the MRT and walked down to the casting agen…

I took the MRT and walked down to the casting agency near the corner of Dunhua and Heping. It was in the basement of an empty looking building, and consisted of one small room with lights set up. The one employee took some pictures and video of me looking grim and arrogant (not a stretch, I have to say), and that was it. They’ll let me know in a few days if they want me to do the gig I guess.

I did so much walking around on Friday that my feet were sore today, so I spent most of the rest of the day at home and doing laundry at the laundromat on Civic Blvd. The Dancing Mango Fruit Festival is going on downstairs, however, so I had to keep music on all day as a distraction. I’ve let my room go for the past couple of months due to filming and other things, so I took the time today to pick up a bit. The festival is going on tomorrow as well, no doubt accompanied by the drum people. Fortunately Maoman has invited me to the Copa Cabana Xizhi for a pool party tomorrow afternoon, so I can at least get away from the cacophony for a bit. I have to admit I’ve been longing for a dip for the past few days, especially when I pass the pool at the Howard Plaza Hotel on my way to or from Milifilm. Reminds me of lazy poolside days when my family was living out of the Langford Hotel in Winter Park, Florida while we looked for houses before moving to the area. Mmmmm. Unfortunately Googling the Langford brings news that it has closed, fallen into disrepair, and is scheduled to be torn down. Oh, well.

I’ve also been working on the webpage for Episode 5, including a new poster. It’s a work in progress I guess. I’ll put the page up on July 1st, when the episode is available for downloading. After that, I think I need a break, maybe a trip south or something, since I can’t afford much else as far as getaways go. After that, I will need to get to work producing the “Lady X Does the Renegade Province” DVD as well as some long overdue updates for this site.

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