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Dec 30 2003

I splurged last night and finally went to see The …

I splurged last night and finally went to see The Return of the King. Like the first movie, it was choppy, awkward and rushed, and will probably be much better in the extended version. Of all three movies, The Two Towers was the best experience in the theater, followed by the Return of the King, and the Fellowship of the Ring last. I was disappointed in the first movie, which redeemed itself with the extended version.

Still, the concluding part of the trilogy was a good movie in general, a real emotional rollercoaster. I almost burst into tears when the Rohirrim attacked the orc army. When the Oliphaunts came stomping up the whole theater shook, but I learned later that that was in fact an earthquake.

But I was in an awful mood as I left the theater. I yelled at the staff for turning off the credits too early, and felt terrible all the way home. For some reason Frodo’s line “…here at the end of all things” kept resonating in my head.

Today’s my last day of work, until next year sometime.

I can’t visualize next year. To me, 2004 seems like a big, irrelevant void.

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