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Jul 14 2003

I know I was just asking for trouble by renting Th…

I know I was just asking for trouble by renting The Mexican, but I was in the mood for a Brad Pitt flick after seeing and liking Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas at the Estrogren Mall on Sunday. I knew from the previews that it featured a hitman who is gay, but after seeing the scene where said hitman is dancing on the bed and becoming the recipient of Julia Roberts’ pity, I was almost relieved when PowerDVD decided it would rather engage itself using 100% of my CPU’s capability than actually playing any more of the movie.

It is severely hot outside these days. Someone should issue a global announcement: Would whoever took the ozone layer please put it back? We won’t arrest you, we just want it back… Oh, sure, it looks nice out the window, but it’s only really habitable after 4 or 5 in the afternoon. What we need is a nice little typhoon to skirt by and give us some cloud cover, a little rain, and hopefully a day or two off from work.

Saturday was spent in the camera shop district downtown with Tall Paul and Darrell looking for camera filters. We found that, while everyone seems to stock polarizers and UV filters, no-one has much else besides tacky diamond filters for that kalaidescope effect. Eventually we made our way over to the audio gizmo part of town, beyond the tax office building, and inside a large complex we found not only a distinct lack of air conditioning but an impressive array of Karaoke equipment. Paul mentioned that a certain company had seen the Lady X episodes and was possibly interested in asking us for help in doing a series of commercials for them. We’ll see.

I need to get away for a bit, I think. “Distant lands are not so far away,” as The Other Ones sing in their song Holiday. Apart from the fact that it’s totally contradictory, it makes sense.

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