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Feb 14 2003

I had one of the worst meals ever the other night….

I had one of the worst meals ever the other night. It was completely my doing, of course. I now fully believe that there should be a license required for cooking, especially dishes involving black bean sauce, unidentified cheese and purple noodles. Meat of questionable quality/origin doesn’t seem to help either; I think I’ll stick with spaghetti sauce from now on. It’s been days and I can still taste the culinary atrocity I visited upon myself.

The Chinese site seems to be working, more or less. There’s no Chinese-language input on the computer where I’m staying, however, so content will be particularly scarce for the moment. I do realize that there are a lot of wrong characters. It’s a blog, and I don’t tend to spend a lot of time editing and looking to make sure everything’s pristine; I just type and hit the “publish” button.

I attended a meeting at my place of 99.99999% chance of further employment down in the city yesterday. Thankfully I was not required to answer any questions or even say anything. I got the distinct feeling I was there for show, so that they could say “Look! We’ve got a foreigner. And next to him, please note our nifty all-in-one copy machine!”

Which is fine with me. The only thing I could have proved had I been allowed to open my mouth would have been how far I can stick my foot in. I just want the job and a little security for the next few months, long enough to get out of debt and purchase a microphone and maybe some lights for my next production. Being around so many government officials still makes me nervous, though. I wonder if I’ll ever completely get over that.

Last night I went over to Maoman’s place and revealed the secrets of setting up a Blogger account on his website. Now that he knows how simple it is I’m sure we can expect great things from him on a daily basis.

The Chinese New Year season is winding down and everyone’s getting back into the swing of things. I will be ending my little mountain sojourn this weekend and probably start work again on Tuesday if all goes well. Just think, in a few more months we’ll have lovely sweltering weather, typhoons, and all kinds of other fun summer stuff going on.

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