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Mar 23 2003

I had dinner with some friends, including Harry an…

I had dinner with some friends, including Harry and James, at Skylark tonight. Skylark is advertised as “California Cuisine” as well as “Rich” and “healthy” on the menu, but I would describe the portions as “miniscule” and the food as “disappointing”. I had pepper pasta. It might have originally been some other flavor, but it was so doused in pepper I couldn’t tell. They must save a lot on dishwashing, because the food only covered about ten percent of the plates.

Afterwards, we went over to the newly purchased apartment of two of the people at dinner and talked for a bit. About 12 minutes after 10 p.m., Little P called. He was obviously laying on his bunk on base, unable to get to sleep after taps played. Nice of him to call.

I haven’t been writing for the past couple of days because I’ve spent most of the time asleep. Whether it’s my annual Spring cold or something else, I don’t know. I’ve just been really tired lately. The Oscars are supposed to be on tomorrow morning, but I don’t have a TV. Oh, well. The Academy Awards are depressing anyway. Nyah.

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