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Jul 30 2003

I got stood up by a real estate agent yesterday at…

I got stood up by a real estate agent yesterday at noon. I took my lunch break between jobs to go down to Xindian and look at a place. The agent said to meet him at 12:30. In fact, I had already seen the place the night before, since I had been in the area after a meeting with Tall Paul and Darrell with the commercial clients. By coincidence, when I found the place the owner and her son were inside, awaiting another potential tenant. The other guy was a foreigner, so they naturally thought I was him. I went in and looked around, but was disappointed to find that they had gotten rid of both the front and rear balconies to create more interior space. As is usual in these older apartments, the kitchen was a bizarre mix of old layout covered with new surfaces.

Eventually the other guy showed up and I had to explain my presence there. I didn’t particularly like the place anyway, though the price was ok. I still wanted to see it during daylight, so I planned to keep the original appointment with the agent. He never showed, though, so screw it.

Last night I got a call from another agent, who said he’d found the perfect place for me. Yeah, sure, I thought, but nonetheless I went down again to have a look. Surprisingly enough, the place he showed me is quite nice, and I’m thinking of taking it. More on this later, when various issues have been decided. I’m not in a hurry to move, particularly during Ghost Month, which kicked off yesterday.

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