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May 10 2003

Got back home around 11 p.m. after the shoot, retu…

Got back home around 11 p.m. after the shoot, returning the little blue truck as well as the rental car, with a lot less rubber on its tires and most of the blood cleaned off, etc. The shooting went ok, and we got a lot of good shots, but I’m not sure we got everything we needed. Everyone’s so tired after a whole day in the hot sun, however, I am loathe to call them back tomorrow. Mindcrime put up some production stills and commentary on his site here. So far so good I guess.

There were a lot more people out at the site than I had expected from my previous reconnoitering of the area. Tall Paul kept calling from his car and saying he was right there and where were we? It turned out he was on the wrong river. We did runs up and down the same street, with all three vehicles. Dean got the hang of riding my motorcycle well enough, but the lack of a steadicam will most likely create some interesting editing limitations for this scene. Our Big Stunt came off really well, better than I expected, so well in fact that I had to stop and clean the camera. Most of the shooting was a blur; with a lot of quick checking of the storyboards and script. Everyone was good about it, though. I think I got some really nice footage. Hopefully I will be able to cut a scene from it. My capture card is still insisting that my HDD speed is too slow and stops the capture every couple of minutes, which is most annoying.

They’re going to start fining people who don’t wear masks on the MRT. I suppose I’m just going to ride my motorcycle a lot more in the weeks to come. They quarantined a whole block over in Wanhua and closed Sogo down for a 3-day cleaning. I’m sure that the idiots in that block scattered once they heard about the quarantine. Probably end up cordoning off the whole city, resulting in a Chinese New-Year-like exodus right through whatever lackluster enforcement they will inevitably put up. It’s just pitiful that even a small, relatively undeveloped nation like Vietnam can deal with SARS, wipe it off their map in a matter of weeks, while here our society is so full of selfish, ignorant people, unmotivated by an ineffective government, that we can go from a good chance of eradicating this thing to practically an epidemic. All by ourselves.

That’s all the ranting for now; I need a shower and sleep.

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