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Oct 29 2003

Finally, at long last, I’ve come up with another e…

Finally, at long last, I’ve come up with another edition of the Renegade Province News. Enjoy. I’m working on a page about my new digs as well as some new video clips, but no promises as far as posting them goes. Seems like I always do this kind of thing when I have a cold.

I saw a couple of Firefly episodes the other day. I can kind of see what they were going for, but while the acting and story were strong, and the writing excellent, the choppy camerawork and awful editing were too distracting. The little added bits of pseudo-Chinese were uncalled for as well. Most of the time I didn’t understand what they were trying to say, as their accents were way, way off, and when I did figure out what they were saying, half of it didn’t fit the dialogue. In fact, it stopped the dialogue, interrupted any throughline that was there before. Points for trying something fresh, but they sure made a mess out of it. I can see why it didn’t last.

I also recently got, along with millions of other people, the Indiana Jones trilogy on DVD. It’s about freakin’ time. Not only have the images been cleaned up, and Lucas/Spielberg even resisted changing it so that the sword-waving guy shot first. After watching the movies again, I am still of the opinion that Raiders was by far the best of the three. Temple of Doom was awful, and while the Last Crusade was inspired, it felt as if they were trying too hard to re-do the first movie. I have my doubts about a fourth movie. I’d see it, of course, but I am not hopeful that they could come up with anything nearly as good as Raiders.

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