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Jul 15 2003

Estrogen Mall, part 37 It seems that Sogo is mo…

Estrogen Mall, part 37

It seems that Sogo is moving into the Taipei101 mall:

“Pacific Sogo Department Store and Taipei 101 Mall signed a tenancy agreement yesterday, setting the stage for Pacific Sogo to enter Taipei’s Hsinyi district, a neighborhood crowded with retail centers competing head-to-head.

Tetsu Inoue, general manager of Pacific Sogo, announced the sales target of NT$500 million in the first year for its 800-ping store on the second floor of Taipei 101 Mall. Dubbed as Sogo Beauty Plaza, it will target female office workers aged between 25 and 35, providing them with cosmetics and beauty products.”

I wonder if they’ll cut straight to the chase this time and post “No Men Allowed” signs on the doors. But then, I suppose that much is obvious. Still, one can hope that one day, shops like Radio Shack, Sharper Image, Camelot, or Tower Records will see the inside of a Taiwanese mall. A Krispy Kreme shop wouldn’t go amiss, either.*

It’s still baking hot, and even though we’re already setting temperature records it’s only going to get hotter, according to the weather bureau. I said it was tolerable at 4 or 5 yesterday, but I was wrong, since I was out walking around Heping East Road area looking for a music shop about that time yesterday and it was still pretty bad. After that I had dinner with Kirk over at Grandma Nitti’s, since I was over there returning The Mexican DVD anyway, and Nitti’s gives a 15% discount on Mondays. Unfortunately, not only do they not sell chili any longer, but their Oreo shakes are much less solid than they used to be.

*Does Dunkin Donuts even sell donuts anymore? The only reference to donuts on their website is the name; it appears they deal strictly in coffee these days. Tragic.

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