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Jul 02 2003

Episode 5 is now up, though there’s a small glitch…

Episode 5 is now up, though there’s a small glitch that will soon be fixed. I’ve done another webpage with production details for it. After we do the DVD version I will probably combine Episodes 4 and 5 into one page, as it will just be one movie after that. In any case, go watch it and remember: if you can’t vote something nice, then don’t vote anything at all. Of course most of the criticism has to do with the car chase, just like the fight scene in the first part. It’s natural, though, that people are going to find the most problems with the parts where we went out on a limb and took risks on. I’d rather take the chance than shrink away from doing it because it might be over our heads, since by doing it we can learn and improve upon our methods in later projects. It’s also good to learn what you’re good and and what you’re not so good at, and the only way to do that is by giving it a shot. In this case, lots of shots and an explosion. But you know what I mean.

Another cool thing is that, while Taiwan is represented on this project, flag and all, China’s nowhere to be seen. Heh.

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