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Jun 17 2003

Editing, editing….I like to pace between edits, …

Editing, editing….I like to pace between edits, but my room is too small for any real pacing. I got Episode 4 done and took a copy over to Darrell’s place in Chingmei. He pays the same rent as I do, but down there you can get an entire apartment. His place features lovely stucco walls, high arched ceilings, polished stone floors, two obedient, pettable dogs and a steel grating. Later, it featured extremely rich chocolate cheesecake, thanks to Darrell’s wife.

We sat down and went through the soundtrack, which was very good. I hope to hear the final product some time today so that I can get the final (Internet) product off to Japan, where the executive producers will begin preparations for the premiere on the 23rd. I’m afraid that due to time restrictions some of the footage, including one very good scene featuring Rowan, won’t make it into the online version. You’ll just have to watch the director’s cut for that one.

After nearly constant rain the past few days, the weather was suspiciously nice this morning. Sure enough, there’s a typhoon in the vicinity (You’ll notice from the CWB site that the little earthquakes are continuing; a small one hit early this morning at around 3 a.m., one I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I had been asleep and not busy editing Episode 5). Typhoons have a way of sweeping most of the polluted city air out of the Taipei basin and reminding us for a day or two what real air smells like. And then we promptly re-pollute it with 2-stroke scooters and burning ghost money lest we get too used to the good stuff.

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