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Aug 10 2003

Da Shan picked me up yesterday morning at 7:30 in …

Da Shan picked me up yesterday morning at 7:30 in his new van. It’s not a new van, actually, but he just bought it. It’s a Delica, just like the kind I used to drive when I was working for TVBS. Setting off early in the morning in a Delica full of Chinese co-workers and video production equipment reminded me strongly my previous life as a cameraman. Not that I would go back to that, necessarily, but I have some good memories of the days when every so often I would set out on a round-the-island trip to film, say, particularly photogenic postal routes.

The commercial shooting went pretty smoothly. The office was pretty empty so we weren’t in anyone’s way. Da Shan did his usual excellent job with lighting, though he had a few harsh words for his chatty assistant on the way back. We were able to come up with some good images. The more I use this camera the more I’m impressed with what I can do with it. Two more shoots to go and we’ll be done. I’m finishing up my second job next week, and I’ve decided to try and work things out with the apartment, since after talking with friends like Maoman who pay their rent with postdated checks, it doesn’t seem like that big a deal really.

It’s a hot Sunday afternoon, and I’m off to the Longshan Temple area with Dean, and then to B&Q to see if we can fashion a crude lathe- I mean, a crude crane for future shooting.

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