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Jun 02 2003

Can’t believe it’s June already. It doesn’t feel l…

Can’t believe it’s June already. It doesn’t feel like June. There’s a cool breeze all day long, it’s long-sleeves weather in the evenings, and I haven’t heard the cicadas yet. Very strange. Even the typhoons seem to be avoiding us. Perhaps they’re afraid of SARS.

The shoot on Saturday went pretty well, though I haven’t captured the footage yet, due to a lack of disc space. I took my computer over to T-zone on Sunday thinking I could get a new, larger hard drive, but they didn’t have any of the larger sizes. “Nobody asks for them so we don’t have anything larger than 60Gb,” the clerk told me, explaining quite succinctly exactly why T-zone has lost most everyone’s respect as far as computer-related services goes. So I hauled it over to Ba-de Rd section 1, the Guang-hua Market area, and went to little shop after little shop until I found someone who had 120Gb hard drives with 8Mb caches in stock. While I was there I maxed out my RAM to the 512Mb my antiquated motherboard will allow. That’s about all the upgrading I can afford, I’m afraid. I hope it’s enough. At least I was able to defragment my original drive after moving the footage over to the new one. Let’s hope it captures as well.

Sunday afternoon was spent at Dean’s going over some soundtrack music with Darrell, who is a friend of Tall Paul’s. He had some interesting stuff that I think has real potential. Took me by surprise, actually. Then Rowan came over to talk about his role in the new scene, but inevitably things degenerated into us all sitting around trying to watch old Michael Caine DVDs. We tried to watch The Man Who Would Be King, but the DVD was crap, so we put in Zulu to see a suprisingly effete Michael say “old boy” approximately 700 times while the preacher gets drunk and his daughter with an inexplicable German accent does a great deal of staggering about. There were also Zulus. Great flick.

The Lady X Series has kicked off! Go to the website to see Episode I, by John Locke in Japan. There’s going to be roughly an episode a week all the way until December if all goes according to schedule. In the meantime, we’ve got our jobs cut out for us here in Taipei with two episodes to cover. Right now we’re looking for an opulent private office for the last scene we need to film. If you know of one in or around Taipei, let me know. I’m talking about the sequined leather high-backed chairs, wood panelling, brass-highlights sort of place, a place where you wouldn’t be surprised to hear the patrons referring to each other by single letters of the alphabet. I can’t wait to get all the footage in the can so I can concentrate on the massive task of putting this thing together.

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