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Feb 07 2003

Babbling Brooks! Purple Prose! Watch out, it’s tim…

Babbling Brooks! Purple Prose! Watch out, it’s time again for….Poagao Walks Around!

The sun came out just after I finished the last entry, so I decided to ride down to the nearest grocery store to pick up some food. Unfortunately, this included inadvertently stabbing my right leg with the kickstart, necessitating about five minutes of strained cursing and oily smoke pouring out of the exhaust pipe before I was on my merry yet slightly bloody way.

After I put everything away I decided to explore the little valley that runs to the northeast of my temporary quarters. It used to shelter a small road besides a small stream, but they’re in the midst of developing it into something altogether messier, with concrete barriers and artificial channels. The road ends at a no-trespassing sign in front of a wild chicken ranch, but you can take a nice hiking path into the hills from there. The trail passes through several small ravines and the ruins of old traditional houses, causing me to suspect the area was a village in the past. It’s quite an isolated spot even today, though; it must have been really out there back then. The trail passes by a small marsh/lake with clean water and colorful birds flying around. The setting sun caused me to turn back, though the trail went on in a much rougher incarnation beyond the lake. I took the road back at a much slower pace as I was trying to stay far enough behind and thus out of earshot of an old man with a loud radio in his pocket.

Took a trip to Costco today with Maoman. I’d never been to the Xizhi Costco, but they’re more or less the same worldwide.. Costco would be a brilliant idea if I were rich. This trip was nice because I filled up on the samples offered on virtually every aisle, and I got to watch Maoman castigate an employee for picking up spilt blueberries off the floor and putting them back on the shelf to sell to unsuspecting customers.

Last night I went over to Maoman’s place again, since it’s so close, and we watched a couple of episodes of Six Feet Under, a show I like better each time I watch it. I still shouldn’t have my own TV, though. I waste enough time as it is doing things like blogging. One of the characters, Keith, spoke a line that just hit me: “When someone sees you as you really are and wants to be with you, that’s powerful.” So many little gems, so well-written throughout. I really want to see more of this show, sloth-like tendencies be damned. I’ve also been watching the re-packaged Lonely Planet show, now called Globe Trekker. Ian Wright is a god.

Should be getting paid soon, and although this does not signify the end of my financial issues, it is a welcome trip out of the red. I’ve found that it is quite cheap to cook, if not the healthiest diet in the world. Having a real kitchen is helpful too. The better the weather is the more I like living out here, but commuting is still a pain. If I were to live out of the city I’d have to be within walking distance of an MRT line, and that’s that.

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