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Nov 27 2003

As was revealed to me by Chris in the comments, it…

As was revealed to me by Chris in the comments, it seems my book is for sale online here. Hmm, I wonder if the publishers have any clue about this. I also wonder where else it’s for sale that nobody’s told me about.

It’s been pouring rain for the past few days, as our fair island is caught between a weather front and a super typhoon (Doesn’t that sound like a lame Asian super hero? “Super Typhoon, blow out that fire so that Australia Man can deflect the comet with Boomarango!) The typhoon can’t decide where it’s going. It won’t hit us, I’m fairly sure, as Taiwan’s dodged every single typhoon this year, and this one will be swerving off to either Japan or the Philippines any moment now. Due to the rain, I skipped sword practice last night, electing to do it in my living room instead. My living room, however, is just a little too small for such exercises, a situation which resulted in me hitting various bits of wall and furniture with my sword. If my landlord is reading this, all I can say is: You’d be amazed at what a little spackle can fix. Unfortunately, while I can do the forms by myself, I can’t practice Tuishou alone, so I missed out on that.

Yesterday I found out that my motorcycle is finally ready. I was thinking that it was taking a long time to repair, but then I found out via Forumosa that the guys at the repair shop actually fixed it quite quickly and then realized that they had lost my phone number. I can’t afford to pick it up until payday, and it’s going to be raining most of the time before then anyway, so it’s all the same to me.

Tall Paul, aka Norman Szabo, has uploaded his short film “Dignity” for viewing. I helped him shoot bits of this, which was fun. Check it out here and laugh at a beardless Dean, Maurice the Frenetic Bartender and Jaques Van Wersch, who holds the current world record for fastest leg-crossing. (warning: 12 frickin’ megabytes) Darrell did the music, as always.

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