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Jul 01 2003

Another day of rushing about, trying to get a vali…

Another day of rushing about, trying to get a valid copy of Episode 5 to Tokyo. We’ve officially missed the originally scheduled air date. I went through the whole portable-hard-drive-borrowing ritual, going back and forth to Milifilm. When I was there waiting for the DHL people to figure out that the hell they were doing, I saw the headshots they took of me the other day at the casting agency. Alongside them were pictures of other candidates for the part, and I have to say, those guys look a hell of a lot better than I do. They were model types, the kinds of guys you’d see in a fashion magazine. I looked like, well, me, i.e. a guy who should probably stay behind the camera. Humbling experience, that. You know you’re ugly when even professional studio lighting can’t help you.

I finally got both versions of the DVD-ROM off to Japan, and then dropped off a copy at The Brass Monkey for Dean and Mindcrime to examine, in case they could find out exactly what the problem was. It worked fine on Mindcrime’s Powerbook, though. Then, as I was riding home, my front tire went flat. I knew it had a slow leak and was rather worn, but now I had no choice but to fork over enough New Taiwan Dollars to get a new tire that is not only worth more than I could sell the bike for, but will probably last longer than the vehicle it’s attached to. Still, one thing you can’t skimp on is tired, especially in the traffic conditions here.

I’m tired, but also a bit on edge as well. I want to make sure everything’s ok with the episode, make sure it’s done, and then move on to the next stage, but all of these niggling details keep grabbing me and throwing me back into a kind of limbo. You realize that all of this springs from my predilection as a child to eat my meals dish-by-dish rather than mix things up. Even then I was multitasking-resistant. And that was fine in great-grandfather’s day, but nowadays it’s a necessary skill….I’ll just shut up now, as I’m rambling and it’s obviously time for bed.

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