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May 20 2003

After I got home last night, all ready to whip up …

After I got home last night, all ready to whip up a panlet or omcake, depending on how much Bisquick spilled into the bowl of eggs, I hit the on switch on my computer and went over to pick out a DVD for dinner-watching duty. Then I realized that my computer wasn’t doing anything. All of the peripheral stuff, my scanner, printer, monitor, etc., were on and working, but my computer gave no sign. Cursing, I opened up the beige box and checked the wires, but nothing seemed amiss. Yet still no response. Nice timing, huh? Now I’m going to have to take it to the shop and hope it’s nothing major. I really can’t afford a new computer right now.

Not that there’s much to report at the moment anyway. The SARS situation is worsening, but anyone could see that that was going to happen; anyone except for the government that is. They’re still locked in meetings, whining about not getting into WHO and adamantly refusing to do one single thing to help the situation. “Because we didn’t have those kinds of data and procedures from the WHO, that is the reason why we had the hospital outbreak a few weeks ago,” Joseph Wu, Taiwan Presidential Advisor, said, lying through his teeth. What a fucking idiot. The hospital outbreaks were due to incompetence and negligence and had nothing to do with our being part of WHO or not. Taiwan might as well be an anarchy for all practical purposes. “Taiwanarchy” was one name I saw suggested on Forumosa this morning.

We’re going to try and transfer the rest of the footage tonight to Mindcrime’s Powerbook, which has just survived a nasty coffee-spillage. With luck all of the principal photography can be done by the end of this week. After that, I won’t need to rely on getting shots and coordinating people so much; I’ll have the raw material to cut into a film. And, provided I have a computer to work with, I could do that from my room, downtown Edinburgh or Western Australia if need be.

Dean, Mindcrime and I had lunch at the Ever-so-manly Shannon this afternoon. I don’t know what we were thinking; lunch at the Shannon is iffy at best. Coincidentally, Maoman and V were having lunch next door at Dan Ryan’s, which is probably a much better choice. Predictably our chicken sandwiches took forever to arrive, and when they did they were cold and served on burnt baguettes that required several hundred foot-pounds of pressure to break apart much less eat. I complained to the manager, who was not only dressed as a civilian and carrying a purse, but who walked with a distinct limp as well, and she returned my money. I’m glad she didn’t argue the point, because I would have had to give her The Glare. Or perhaps I already did. I can never tell.

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