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Oct 16 2003

A few days ago I was wondering when this long, hot…

A few days ago I was wondering when this long, hot summer was going to end. Then it suddenly got cool and rainy, and now it’s just cool and pleasant. Fall feels really good this time around, though summer might have more in store for us. When I got off the MRT for sword practice last night, I realized that northern and southern Taipei smell quite different. Perhaps that is why some people take to certain parts of the city, i.e. because the local smells attract them and cause them to feel more warmly to places than they normally would.

Speaking of smells, I’ve cooking with gas now in my new apartment, and so far it’s proved much better than cooking with an electric stove. I grew up with electric stoves; the only gas ones I remember were at my grandmother’s place in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Even my other grandparents had electric stoves, I think. Grandma always claimed that cooking with gas was better, and now I know why, not only for cooking, but for heating water as well. Instant heat, none of this warming-up business. And so far it hasn’t blown up, which is good, too. It would be nice to have a gas line in there instead of relying on large, ungainly bottles, but I can’t be too picky. The apartment is shaping up nicely. It’s just about as nice as it’s going to get, except for maybe some curtains, plants and posters. On a nice day I can open up all the windows and get a cross-breeze going.

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