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Jan 31 2002

Workmen downstairs are using that ubiquitous red, …

Workmen downstairs are using that ubiquitous red, white and blue striped plastic material to place a circus tent-like wrapping over the front of our building and the Bridge To Nowhere for our annual company party tomorrow night. Saving a lot of money by holding it right here, no doubt. This is the party where everyone in our department is supposed to dress up like doctors and nurses. I plan on wearing what I usually wear, since usually doctors dress like everyone else. If they say “But you’re supposed to be dressed as a doctor,” I’ll just say “I am! You didn’t specify ‘doctors in the operating room’, did you? Ha!”

I know, it’s not getting into the spirit of things, but I’ve always had a hard time getting myself into the mob mentality. I think I was born with it but the doctor (how ironic!) noticed it and cut if off, sort of like Shauna’s sixth finger. Anyway, when I get pissed off I like to think I’m my own little, one-man mob. (How many times have I heard myself utter the words “Don’t make me a little mob; you wouldn’t like me when I’m a little mob” in dark alleys?)

I find working here at the new office is rather nice, actually. The air conditioning system gurgles loudly over my head, drowning out the desktop radios of the morons who insist on broadcasting ICRT to the whole office, a large part of the IT department accidently locked themselves into the pool room by closing the glass doors and not being able to open them again, and I have placed one of my motorcycle’s old rear-view mirrors, which seperated from the rest of the bike the last time I bounced it and myself across the surface of the Renai traffic circle, next to my monitor so that I can look over and see Four-animal Mountain out the window. There are Star Trek-like sliding doors. The absence of Whiny Woman alone is cause enough to break out in song.

I like it here so much that I made a page for it. It’s not much, but I thought I might as well. Granted, it’s not going to win me any awards, but I figure that the fewer people read this site, the more people I can make fun of. Plus I’m less likely to be beset by a raging mob of irate readers.

And deep-down, that’s what it’s all really about, isn’t it?

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