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May 30 2002

Why is it when an evil person is happy we use the …

Why is it when an evil person is happy we use the word “glee”, but when normal people are happy we just say they’re “happy”? How come most people can’t be “gleeful”? Just what kinds of evil acts does one have to perform before one can express true, internationally recognized glee?

Sorry. I’ve been in a rather snarky mood for the last couple of days. I’m just tired of things in general, and my head hurts. My company won’t let us out of the Bali trip via the scary skies without coughing up NT$5,000 to pay for the giant Hallmark card to China Airlines saying “We’re so sorry that your company’s reputation is in the toilet. Get a clue soon!” So, it’s NT$10,000 to go, and NT$5,000 to not go. Added to this is the fact that Kymco is holding a promotional activity that very weekend where they let you take one of their new motorcycles for a spin around the island for a couple of days and tell them what you think of them. Damn, I would have like to do that, too, despite the fact that I can’t afford a new motorcycle now.

Tonight is the Oriented Happy Romp House Happy Hour, to be held at a place called “The Bones” or something similarly myterious. To be honest I’ve been feeling more and more disillusioned with the whole oriented thing, which seems to be turning in on itself. But there’s going to be cheap ribs, so I’m there. Plus there’s going to be a whole restaurant full of people to be snarky with. How could I turn that down?

I don’t usually mention the Onion, as its reporting is of such consistently high quality, but the piece about Sharon and Arafat’s Sexual Tensions had me rolling the aisles, causing surprisingly little consternation among my co-workers, most of whom are used to my antics by now. The article got me and my good mate Womble talking about our favorite middle-eastern leaders, and I suggested that I wouldn’t mind dating the present King of Morocco. “But he’s married,” Womble said. “And straight.”

“Maybe not,” I replied, sending him this article.

“Well, he’s still married,” said Womble. I think maybe Womble’s more of a King-of-Jordan kind of guy.

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