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Jul 08 2002

Why don’t browsers include an "unrefresh" button? …

Why don’t browsers include an “unrefresh” button? Has anyone ever thought of this? I mean, DUH! Hello? Yeah, folks, this is what folks at Microsoft get paid 300k a year to sit around and not realize. I say this because, being the stupid ognoramuz I am, I clicked “refresh” instead of “post” just now and a 3,000-word essay on the past four days of my life promptly disappeared into the ether, never to return. Ok, TC, calm down. Breath. Breath. An angry monkey is not an effective monkey…

*to Vampires* CAN YOU PLEASE SHUT OFF THAT FUCKING ICRT CRAP? JESUS! I swear one of these day I’m gonna open up a window on your pasty asses. Eww, I just envisioned that.

Anyway, after experiencing the anguish that is Losing A Post, I decided to take out my frustrations on the collection of plastic water bottles I have accumulated on my desk. I swept them all to the floor and promptly began stomping them flat, jumping up and down on them and filling the office with a truely awesome cacophony. Just then, of course, a large group of Very Important PR People, business types in suits and jewelry, came by. Not knowing what to do, I continued stomping on the plastic bottles. One of the vampires called over to Kit, who sits behind me, and asked if my shennanigans were disturbing his work. Kit, who was downloading a Warcraft add-on for his Mac, shook his head.

Just a minute ago one of our PR people came over and asked if everything was ok. I played innocent and gave her a speech on the importance of recycling plastic water bottles.

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