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Feb 03 2002

Where did the weekend go? I can’t really recall mu…

Where did the weekend go? I can’t really recall much about Saturday except working on my book and running into a bunch of apparently sighted people with blind people’s sticks trying to cross a pedestrian bridge on Heping E. Road. I spent today walking around the Jianguo Flower Market in search of free kittens (don’t ask me why they give kittens away at a flower market. They just do), even though I haven’t yet decided to get one. Couldn’t find any there today anyway. Maybe it’s a Sign. I also took pictures of some sweaty cooks and added the one I liked the best to my long-neglected photo page. That page gets the most hits of any on this site, so I suppose I should pay more attention to keeping it fresh.

Dean and Kay are heading out of town to the Philippines on Tuesday, and most everyone I know is planning to leave soon as well for the Chinese New Year holiday. Taipei will become a ghost town for a week again. At least some places should stay open, unlike in years past when one couldn’t even find anything to eat for several days. Hopefully Dean will be able to pick up some Dunkin’ Donuts from the store in Manila on his way back.

Nike’s come out with a line of supposedly waterproof shoes. I need some. Taiwan is a very wet place, and I am tired of sloshing around in wet shoes. The only problem is that the waterproof shoes are also quite ugly. Oh, well. I’d include a link but Nike.com is one of the most confusing, hard-to-use sites I’ve ever seen. Let it suffice to say that the shoes in question are gold. Ugh. Hey, Nike, you know other people besides Michael Jackson want dry feet as well, you know? I’m seriously tempted to just buy a portable hair dryer to dry out my shoes and socks every time I leave my room rather that be seen wearing gold shoes.

I’m tired from walking all over the place, plus I’ve got a headache from watching the wormhole scene from the Star Trek: The Motion Picture DVD, so that’s all for now, kids. Tune in next time. That’s an order.

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