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Mar 17 2002

What’s red and white and hung all over? After l…

What’s red and white and hung all over?

After lazing around in my room pretty much all day yesterday, writing things, watching Dog Day Afternoon on DVD, etc., I decided that I needed to get out, even though the weather has not improved. Hiding from it wasn’t going to help, so I took advantage of Graham’s invitation to join the James Bong 007-themed party at the 70’s Airport Love Palace.

I got there at 9:00 and was the very first guest, which is always disturbing. I hadn’t been there long when a stylish couple knocked on the door. I let them in as both of the people who actually lived there were taking showers or something. The stylish people and I mixed up some punch with several bottles of vodka and some actual punch for flavor, and people began to arrive. I was the official punch taster, so I got a head start on the drinking. I saw some people who I hadn’t seen in a while, including Mingson, formerly of Taiwan’s largest (state-run) movie production company, and Moses, a really cool guy from Ghana with a beautiful accent. I also met a few interesting people whom I’d never met before, although I’m terrible with names and couldn’t remember all of their names.

It wasn’t a bad party. Not too many people, friendly and laid-back. The fact that there was plenty of hash and alcohol around certainly didn’t hurt. Graham arrived at around midnight dressed as “Q”. We had all been told to dress as someone or something from the 007 movies, but I don’t have anything like that to wear, and most people just came in suits anyway. A good time was had by all, I think.

The Taipei Times article about me came out today. I should probably go buy a few copies later on. I think Max did a good job. It’s hard to fit so much information into such a small space, but he managed, even though from the article it sounds like I’m a pure-white corn farmer from the midwest. Aw,shucks.

What’s wrong with this picture? Women in Taiwan are obsessed with being as white-skinned as possible, and sometimes the advertising gets just a little silly.

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