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Aug 23 2002

Well, this is it: My last day at Ogilvy, where I’v…

Well, this is it: My last day at Ogilvy, where I’ve worked for the last two years. It doesn’t feel like I’ve done a whole hell of a lot during my time here, but it’s not like I was expecting this job to go places. It was a pleasant alternative to the newspaper where I worked before, and I have had some interesting times here. For the most part, however, the most appropriate phrase to sum up my time here is Groucho Marx’s “I’ve had a wonderful time, but this wasn’t it.” I think Shauna knows what I’m talking about here.

Yesterday one of the Vampires yelled out to everyone in the office “Does anyone know how to use this OSX thingamajimmy?” It turns out that she is now the proud owner of a brand-new Titanium Powerbook. We all gathered around to ooh and aah at it, but the Vampire didn’t know anything about the Mac she’d just spent 85k on. She didn’t know the processor speed, the memory, or anything. She did exclaim, “Look at the bouncing icons!” however. Maybe she’ll end up composing brilliant advertising campaigns on it as she sits in trendy coffeeshops munching on bagels. And maybe someday I’ll be able to afford one of those things. Which is more likely? Well, at least I’m saving up.

There happens to be a company happy hour tonight at a Korean barbeque place on Zhongxiao E. Rd after work. Since I’ve already paid for it, I plan to go. All I have to do now is erase all traces of my presence on this computer, stick Office Turtle in a box, and (for real this time) just walk out the door. Next week I’ll be at the job more or less full time.

I’ve also begun to unpack a few things, put up some posters, hook up my computer, etc. at the Chungking Mansions. It’s seeming nicer as I get used to it, and I really do appreciate the convenience of the location and having my own private apartment without having to deal with roommates or other people at all. It’s my goal to create a surprising oasis of comfort in the midst of apparent squalor. The building itself is interesting enough to put up a webpage about, something I will work on after I get my adsl hooked up again sometime next week. For example, last night as I was coming home I saw an old woman burning a huge amount of ghost money in a pot, creating quite a bonfire effect.

In the hallway.

On the second floor.

I know that this is common practice, but I still think I should get a rope ladder and put it next to my window, just in case.

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