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May 06 2002

Well, it’s finally happened: Office Turtle has at …

Well, it’s finally happened: Office Turtle has at long last made a meal out of Jerry the Fish. Although to be honest I don’t think that this was a result of Office Turtle actually catching Jerry, but rather Jerry dying of a combination of old age and the mental stress of being in a small plastic box with a turtle. Now I have to get a new fish. I’ll probably get another Victim fish and another Jerry fish, for Office Turtle’s now-and-later snacking habit plus the enjoyment of watching them go at it for a week or two.

Our company trip is next month, and, as I did last year when I went to Hong Kong, I’ve decided to take the least expensive option. Unfortunately, Hong Kong isn’t on the list this year, so I’m going to have to shell out a few more clams so I can go spend five days lazing around the island of Bali, which, I understand, features a volcano you can paraglide over. I wonder if they rent ultralights.

The alternative to the company trip is just wandering about our fair island for five days at my own expense, but I figure I can do that on my own, and I’m waiting until I have a proper-sized motorcycle to make my next round-the-renegade-province tour. And US$300 for a trip to Bali ain’t bad.

In other news, my mate Graham has come up with a website of his very own. It’s mostly pictures of the 70’s Airport Love Palace at the moment, but as he’s currently practicing the fine art of cartoon drawing and is already a writer, I expect great things from it in the not-too-distant future.

There’s been a camera crew downstairs all day today filming a woman walk with a serious expression on her face, arms crossed in front of her. I know exactly what kind of commercial it is, since 99% of Taiwanese commercials are the same thing, i.e. “Arrogant, ultra-cool woman walks around disdainful of the fact that she is too cool for this plane of existance”. What a waste of film. Sad thing is, it’s our commercial. Oh, well. More of the same crap.

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