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Dec 30 2002

We watched the extended version of Da Fellowship o…

We watched the extended version of Da Fellowship of Da Ring at Dean’s last night, and even though the crap DVD player left us staring at something more like a long succession of stills than a movie, I can honestly say this edit blows the theatrical version out of the water. Just about everything missing from the original version is there, and it works so much better, I can only wonder at the reason the studios decided to go with the theatrical release. The story works better because more is explained, and the new edit actually feels tighter than the shorter version. I didn’t like the theatrical release because it felt rushed and clumsy, but this one is altogether another story. I highly recommend it, but with a real DVD player. It seems to work just fine in my DVD-ROM as well.

I think I’ve just about done all that I can do with Alphadogah, so I’m going to put it in the can and start thinking about my next thing. Problem is, I don’t rightly know what my next thing’s going to be, though I have a few ideas. I suppose I’ll have to settle on one and do it, though. The new camera is a real incentive to get things done simply in order to avoid guilt for having spent so much on it. This time, however, I will need a real boom mic, and hopefully I can coax an even better picture out of the camera now that I’m a bit more familiar with it. I’ve found after much consultation over the phone with Paul AKA Norman that I have a very different editing style than he does. He works with clips spread throughout various tracks in the timeline, whereas I see the desktop as a virtual Steenbeck and cut my clips individually, inserting them and then working with what I have after it’s all put together.

Recently I found that I wasn’t even in the running for a certain well-paying government job, even though I got the highest score on the editing/translation test and am obviously a native English speaker, simply because I don’t hold a foreign passport. I find it truly ironic, though in a fucked-up Alanis Morrissette way, that I can’t work for my own government, no matter how qualified I am, simply because I am not a citizen of another country. It’s gotten me to wondering whether it would be easier to regain US citizenship or just apply for a passport of a country where it’s easy to obtain citizenship. Seems a bit excessive that I should have to do this just to improve my prospects here. It also irks me when I see various foreign-passport holders whinging about any restriction the government places on them. I realize that I do my fair share of complaining, but at least they can whinge all the way to the bank.

I know, I should either just shut up or start driving a taxi.

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