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Nov 18 2002

We wanted to rent some bad movies. It was just tha…

We wanted to rent some bad movies. It was just that kind of night. So Mindcrime and I stopped at a video store and got Scooby Doo and The Brotherhood of the Wolf on our way to Dean’s place for an evening of cinematic awfulness.

Scooby Doo was actually entertaining, much to our surprise. That is, we thought so until the awful ending. I don’t care how much you hated Scrappy Doo as a kid, there’s just no excuse for including him in the movie version, even for special torture purposes. Shaggy was, if possible, even better than the cartoon version, but all of the other characters except Velma in bits were completely flat. Freddie Prinze, Jr. should have been barred by court order from appearing in this film or any other.

Then we watched Brotherhood of the Wolf. And watched. And watched. I think I may have fallen asleep at one point. At least I hope that’s the case, because the less I actually saw the better. A good two hours could have been cut from that movie, and the rest sped up to 4x, and then it might have been watchable. It was the kind of flick that makes you want to rush the ticket office and demand not just your money but also your three hours back. After that movie Scooby Doo seemed much, much better.

It’s gray and cold out these days. I went to fill in at my old job at Ogilvy this morning and found, much to my surprise, Maoman striding about in front of the building among a group of other foreigners in front of a large camera on an even larger crane assembly. It turns out that he and a few others had made the time to participate in the filming of a music video portraying a scene with seasons changing in some location abroad, since we don’t have proper seasons here. And apparently the rest of the world is inhabited by six sharply dressed non-Chinese persons, at least according to this video. Still, I’m sure the money’s good for that kind of gig. Hell, I’d do it if I wasn’t sure that they’d throw me off the set for bringing a rather inhospitable feeling to the whole set. Couldn’t have that.

Speaking of feeling inhospitable, there was some kind of market/fare downstairs all weekend, and the karaoke going on really brought out the ole’ sniper itch there for a while. I successfully resisted and went to lunch instead. Not having a sniper rifle helped somewhat as well.

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